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Next class is 12/30/18 - 8pm Eastern

This FREE class will be held in a VIRTUAL CLASSROOM so you can attend from wherever you are in the world! Space is limited, so you will want to register very soon to lock in your spot.

The Pathway of the Upright

(Mesillat Yesharim)

Pathway of the Upright (Messilat Yesharim), by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, is a classical work of Torah literature focusing on character perfection and personal spiritual growth.

The 26 chapters of this masterpiece guide us in a step-by-step program to understand and actualize our highest potential in life.

We will aspire to navigate the profound lessons of this book and to appreciate their relevance to our lives today. Seekers of all backgrounds are welcome to join this class.


Sundays at 8:30pm Central

Cross Examining the NT

Join Rabbi Skobac and William Hall of Tenak Talk as they discuss the inconsistencies of the Christian Bible, specifically the New Testament.


Connecting Jews to the spiritual depth, wisdom, beauty and truth of Judaism

Responding to Christian missionaries, cults, eastern religions and many other challenges to Jewish continuity … and connecting Jews to the spiritual depth, wisdom, beauty and truth of Judaism.


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